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Truly The Best For Oregon

rock-731140_1280 By employing cultivation methods that are environmental-friendly and sustainable, we are able to produce healthier plants and tastier product. We have specifically built the soil so the plants will organically grow to their genetic potential by having the freedom to extract the exact amount of nutrients needed at any specific time. To top it off, throughout the day our plants are also fed the highest quality compost teas.
img_1918 With our state of the art light-deprivation technology, we are able to control our light cycle and grow our oreganic cannabis all year around. This first of its kind hybrid facility combines indoor cultivation with efficiency of greenhouse production.
lighthouse-1787147 Our location on the Southern coast of Oregon provides us with great temperature and climate which is ideal for our Northwest chosen strains. These strains, handpicked by us, appeal more to the cannabis connoisseur pallet. Our growing method promises that our clients experience the highest quality product there is.

"Akshay and his team at Truly Oreganic have and continue to provide us with quality products including Oregon Huckleberry and Honey Badger Haze. Their unique strains give our customers TRULY the best options. Truly Oreganic excels in providing exceptional products. They shine in their professionalism and customer service, and their attention to detail really is outstanding. It’s always a pleasure to work with them!" - Buddha's Wellness Center

" I am a long time indica smoker and have tried a vast amount of different strains. Oregon Huckleberry is one of my favorite strains I have ever smoked. The high is long lasting and feels OH SO GOOD!" - Alicia, HomeGrown Oregon

big hs Sourcing locally allows us great control of our inventory, enabling us to be more flexible in our daily operations. Our clients meet the same friendly faces they confirmed the order with, ensuring a smooth and seamless transaction from beginning to end. Communication is a key aspect of our business, it is what keeps our company growing and we are more than happy to share that with our customers.
big shield We pride ourselves in our personal approach and customer service. The customer inspects the quality and quantity before paying and it’s simple as that. We stand by our product 100% and are transparent in our company operations, supplying our customers with as much knowledge as they want.
blue clock We let our customers control when they want their product without ever having to leave their stores. Simply confirm a day of your liking with us for your product to arrive on that arranged day.

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Bandon, OR

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